Professional, knowledgeable, understanding

Tristen Key has surpassed my expectations! She effectively and professionally strategized to achieve a very favorable divorce settlement for my brother, for whom I am POA. Tristen is an EXCELLENT attorney! I sincerely recommend Tristen's ethical and competent representation.


Posted by Mary

July 12, 2016



Tristen Exceptional and Tenacious Lawyer

Does your spouse expect to get it all in a divorce you didn’t want? Do you expect to lose because he, or she, has superior resources? Do things look hopeless?


I found myself in a position where I was given Power of Attorney for an individual whose spouse decided that this was the perfect time to take her mate to the cleaners and filed for divorce. Tristen Key simply did not let that happen. She was our savior! Tristen was fair, but absolutely did not let anyone push us around. She obtained the results we wished for and, she was reasonable too.


I now consider her a friend that I respect and admire and heartily recommend Tristen to help you with family law issues that you may have.


Posted by Susan

November 20, 2015



Typical Combative Ex - Not Typical Representation

Tristen did a great job of working through support issues with an ex who is combative on his best days. Tristen's no-nonsense and down to earth approach was exactly what was needed to help sort through the emotion and drama created by what should have been a simple request, but somehow turned into an major issue. Even though I'll never make my ex a decent human being, I'll still trust Tristen and retain her again if I am ever in need of family law representation again. She doesn't let the games interfere with the goal - getting your child what they need.


Posted by Angie

October 26, 2015



Successfully Acheived More Than I Ever Dreamed Possible

I was diagnosed with bipolar after an incident and was for the most part unable to participate in my wife's, a nurse, request for a divorce. Tristen worked with 2 of my sisters to accomplish the unbelievably favorable result. What is for most people going above and beyond is second nature to Tristen. What people say to me in conversation can have a profound effect. She was naturally cordial and complimentary.


Posted by John

October 20, 2015





I am so happy i went with Tristen, She did a great job of understanding who i was as a person and what was important to me. She made sure that was her priority. I am very great full for her services and would recommend her to anybody.


Posted by ART

October 20, 2015



Divorce & Separation

When I was seeking advice on my upcoming divorce I was referred to Tristen. I loved her honest, no nonsense approach and chose to retain her services immediately. She manages to balance empathy with directness. She openly listens and is great at communicating what to expect throughout the process. Divorce is a very emotional experience and Tristen manages to bring clarity and a sense of calm to the situation. I would absolutely recommend Tristen if you are in need of legal services and advice.


Posted by Lynda

October 20, 2015



parenting plan case

Tristen was great about getting me a very strict parenting plan and more money in child support. I provided her so much evidence and she ran with it and was able to get Dad to agree to our parenting plan with tons of restrictions. I wanted him to have no visitation ever and although we couldn't write it up that way that's exactly what I got. Dad has so many hoops to jump through that are very expensive and a year later he has not completed a thing. Tristen was very compassionate as she is a mother and I felt she could relate to wanting to protect your child. Dad has been a drug/ alcohol addict always and was abusive to me and my oldest child and Tristen understood why I wanted to protect my youngest from that life that my oldest had to experience. Tristen is very aggressive and did not let Dad's attorney bully us at all, in fact we bullied them to prove our point that Dad has never complied even before our hearing with providing us the needed information for court. The only thing downside is I still don't have a very good understanding about my order and what everything meant. I was never told how to move forward after the hearing just to wait and let Dad fail but I am still very satisfied because without Tristen I wouldn't have gotten exactly what I wanted which was for Dad to have no visitation!vely and professionally strategized to achieve a very favorable divorce settlement for my brother, for whom I am POA. Tristen is an EXCELLENT attorney! I sincerely recommend Tristen's ethical and competent representation.


Posted by anonymous

June 23, 2015



BEST Family Law Attorney you'll find in WA State

There's not enough room here to speak about Tristen. She's been my attorney for over 5 years and is an AMAZING attorney. She's guided me through so much in the family law world of WA State. My 2 daughters and I are set-up and secure thanks to her. She's more than an attorney, she actually CARES about you, and it shows in her work. She's gone to battle for me and has been a TOUGH opponent. God truly blessed me by putting her in my path. I'd recommend her, and have recommended her, to everyone. You needn't look any further, she's the complete package.


Posted by Kara Blanchard

June 2, 2014



Awesome and caring lawyer

I paid for consultations with several lawyers. Some of them had higher ratings on this site than Tristen. I chose Tristen and never once regretted my decision. Although she was the last attorney I consulted with she provided me with the most information and really took the time to discuss my legal issues. She educated me on various options and case strategies that none of the other lawyers took the time to discuss with me. I have very difficult facts in my child custody and child support case and a couple of the lawyers I consulted with had already given up on my case before being hired. Tristen didn't sugarcoat my case to me to get me to hire her. She was truthful and straightforward but never disrespectful. She printed off forms and walk me through them in case I didn't hire her. She only cared about arming me with as much information than about selling herself to me. She was the only lawyer to play devil's advocate and tell me what the other party would likely argue and how I could best counter the arguments. She is very intelligent. You can actually see her brain working all different angles. She doesn't treat every case the same. I felt understood and respected. I hired Tristen and she has never disappointed me. She is always thorough and one step ahead of the other side. My case is difficult and she has never given up. She almost always wins every time we have to go to court or threatening letters arrive from the other party's lawyer. She doesn't allow the other attorney to bully us. Tristen also is very reasonable in her fees. She tries to keep her fees down and does not do unnecessary work just to charge me. I highly recommend her as a lawyer.


Posted by Geoff

March 5, 2014



Endorsing Tristen Key

I have been working with Tristen for nine months. I met with Tristen several times before actually hired her. It was not because I was "interviewing" her, instead I wanted to ask many questions, understanding the process. Tristen always answered my questions, and explained the process going forward. She was always patient, not pressuring me to hire her and move forward. Once I did hire Tristen, she has performed superbly. I feel that I always have gotten honest and straightforward answers and suggestions. Moreover; I can tell that Tristen is also looking our for my finances. She is always honest, and never try to bill for things that are not that important. My "case" are not yet settled, but I am extremely confident that the result will be to my satisfaction. I would recommend Tristen to anyone seeking a family lawyer.


Posted by Peter

January 31, 2014



a family lawyer that maks a diffrence

I found Tristen through my company referral program and I have to tip my hat to Tristen as one of the best lawyers I've had the pleasure to meet.

I find her straight shooting and honesty the single most valued perspective. I engaged Tristen in my divorce with simple goals be fair, and be quick. At this point I have to say she has diligently pursued a rapid, and fair process while protecting my interests in the matter.


The complexity of divorce requires close attention to issues such as a fair parenting, and financial plan. And thanks to Tristen's hard work I believe I have both.


Posted by Frank

July 18, 2013



Professional, knowledgeable, understanding

Tristen Key has surpassed my expectations! She effectively and professionally strategized to achieve a very favorable divorce settlement for my brother, for whom I am POA. Tristen is an EXCELLENT attorney! I sincerely recommend Tristen's ethical and competent representation.


Posted by Mary

July 12, 2016



Knowledgable, hard working, and caring

Tristen was a perfect match for me. When I finally realized I couldn't manage my divorce alone an I needed an advocate, I met with several attorneys, but I could tell I was going to choose Tristen within minutes of meeting her.


Because my ex was not being reasonable, I needed someone knowledgeable to educate me on my options. I was lost in all of the confusion of my separation, legal procedures, financial issues, and how to be able to get time with my children.


Teisten squared me away on all of those things and have me excellent advice all te way around and at every step. She nudged me along when I needed the nudging and really cared about me as a person, father, client.


As good as Tristen is at advice and support and knowledge of family and Divorce law, she really impressed me in the courtroom. Her presentation was precise, her rebuttals were quick and direct. She has a good rapport with the judge. She is very sharp and is a "rock star" in the courtroom.


Tristen bills accurately and works very efficiently in my opinion with procedure and opposing counsel.


She got me trough a long and very difficult mediation of which I was pleased with the outcome.


As a side note, I have dealt with the other partners in her office when needed and they too are all very professional and knowledgable and quick with responses.


There's no way I would be where I am at today without Tristen as my advocate.


Posted by anonymous

July 31, 2012



Smart, Tenacious, Caring, Experienced

I interviewed five attorneys about handling my divorce and only one of them really conveyed an understanding of my situation and my concerns, but she turned out to be a county and a half away which I knew wouldn't work logistically or financially. Then I found Tristen. After a phone consultation I knew she was the attorney I needed. She understood my worries and the case, and she had worked with other clients in the same career field as mine so she understood the needs and difficulties related to the work. She was clearly positive that she could help me maintain joint custody of my kids, if not get me sole custody, and she was compassionate and non-judgemental with my emotional state.


My divorce has been very contentious, very difficult and Tristen has been everything I described above in the title; I feel she has outwitted and out-played opposing council. She has recommended strong advocates for my position in mediation and in the Guardian ad Litum. Her years of experience in family law have been evident. Tristen has been considerate of my financial position as well and has offered help and suggestions to find ways through that maze. She has been supportive and positive throughout this process even when I felt things were hopeless. She has been smart, forceful and honest; pointing out the realities in the process, dispelling the myths, explaining what I don't understand and helping me to see the long view and the big picture when considering options.


The short of it is, I'm glad Tristen is in my corner and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my friends.


Posted by Gilbert

May 11, 2011



Knowledgeable, Confident, and Caring

When my ex and I separated, we weren't able to come to a fair agreement on a parenting plan. Years went by as she used my son against me to get what she wanted. I tried to file for divorce on my own, but her unwillingness to cooperate forced me to give up. Several more years went by as she continued to abuse my relationship with my son until I couldn’t take it anymore. I talked with three attorneys about my situation and they all said there was no way a man was going to win primary custody of a child who had been living with his mother and siblings for over 10 years. Then I met Tristen. She believed in me from day one and not only did I win primary custody, but now my ex has to pay me child support! Tristen did an amazing job telling my story and with the help of a guardian ad litem, she made sure my son's story was told as well. One of her best assets is that she is very good at finding holes in the opposing side's story and exposing the truth. This combined with great communication and a no fear attitude make her an amazing attorney.


Posted by anonymous

May 10, 2011



Excellent, Professional, and Compassionate

Tristen has done a wonderful job at helping me through a very rough divorce. She Not only is Tristen honest and caring, but she seemed to know everything that was needed for my case. It was a very ugly situation, and while frustration was a weekly even due to the ex. Tristen was very empathetic to my situation, and always on top of the case and kept everything moving in a positive direction. I know she had other clients while working with me, but she always knew details and made me feel like her only client. She is very professional and knows how to get down to business. She was able to handle every curve ball my ex and her lawyer could throw at us. Not once did I ever feel like Tristen wasn't in complete control of the situation. I would recommend her to anyone with a family law problem. I hope I never need a lawyer again but if I do Tristen is the one I am calling.


Posted by Chris

May 9, 2011



So pleased that she was on my team!

In taking time to reflect of Tristen Key's performance as an attorney the first words that come to mind are: engaged, energetic, thoughtful, resourceful, and spunky. I had originally hired and settled my divorce with an 20+year attorney which I thought because of his experience would be beneficial. He did a pretty good job but he lacked the energy and willingness to seek counsel of his piers in tough matters. I became dissatisfied with his representation in my case and began my search for someone who would represent me with the passion and accuracy that I wanted to express. My ex-wife was violating our parenting plan on many occasions and as an engaged father I was not going to let the common thought that men are not successful in family law matters stop me from protecting my relationship with my children. In my search I discovered Tristen Key and after our first meeting I knew that I was on the right track and that prayers for correction in my case were close to being answered. She first represented me in a difficult contempt motion and was successful in having my ex-wife held in contempt for violating our parenting plan. This was amazing as my ex-wife was well represented but despite this, Ms. Key wrote a fantastic declaration, even taking time to consult with many of her piers about my case, and argued my case very well. She has since represented me in another matter that resulted in an additional positive outcome. Soon I will be needing further legal assistance in a support modification issue and I will certainly be using Ms. Key for this. I recommend her because she is able to cut to the chase without allowing important details fall by the wayside.


In conclusion she is an excellent attorney to have on my side.


Posted by James

April 30, 2011



Genuine Caring Lawyer

We hired Tristen to modify a child support order in Feb 2010. We have found her to be proffessional and caring. We had interviewed other lawyers and found that they only seemed to be about billable hours and this was not the case with Tristen. She genuinly cared about our case and what was in the best interest of our kids. We appreciated her honesty in what we were asking for even if it was not in our favor. We are still involved in finalizing our paperwork and have the utmost confidence in her abilities.


Posted by Dan

April 28, 2011



Excellent attorney that I would recommend to anyone

I can't say enough about how well my case has been handled from the beginning by Tristen. She is extremely knowledgable about Washington family law and has been several steps ahead of the opposition all along. Thanks to her my kids are out of a bad situation and I have virtually full custody of them. I have recommended Tristen to a coworker who is going through a similar situation.


Posted by anonymous

April 26, 2011